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A signed personalized paperback copy. It will include mystery goodies. 



For centuries, ominous whispers foretold the arrival of a sinister omen of ruin who will bring the end of times. This conqueror will rise and change the tides, no matter the consequences.


After a botched marriage proposal and a rejection from her dream job, actress Luz Narváez García is left with a deep desire to disappear from the public eye. Her wish comes true when an unknown magical force transports her back to the 1680's - a time where piracy, colonization, and debauchery were commonplace.


Lost in time, Luz finds herself surrounded by the ruthless waters of the Caribbean, where everything has a price. Between a lethal power hungry naval officer, riddled with deep desires of revenge, and a mysterious bloodthirsty pirate who steals her indispensable necklace and kidnaps her, she's thrust into a dangerous role in the treacherous politics of piracy.


Caught up in a web of danger and intrigue, Luz must use her wits and cunning to not only ensure her survival but to also outsmart those who seek a higher power only she is meant to wield... all while finding a way back home that doesn't alter the course of history catastrophically.

A Touch of Destiny Signed Copy (PAPERBACK)

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