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Want to know more about A Touch of Destiny? Keep on reading!

A Touch of Destiny can be added on Goodreads!

Do you like Pirates of the Caribbean? Do you like Outlander? Wish they were both diverse and had more Caribbean lore? Look no further! 

A Touch of Destiny, my debut novel, releases on November 7th 2023. E-Book Preorders and Signed/Personalized Preorders are now LIVE! 

Paperback preorders will be live on July 6th 2023!

As always, Trigger Warnings list below

Trigger Warnings for A Touch of Destiny

If I missed a TW or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at or via Instagram at @bookish.puertorican! Thank you so much!

A Touch of Destiny involves a woman of color time traveling to the 1600's in the Caribbean.


Here are the main trigger warnings:

  • Mentions of slavery & colonization

  • Racism

  • Sexism

  • Attempted Sexual Assault

  • Mentions of the Atlantic Slave Trade

  • Murder

  • Hints of child abuse 

  • Hints of child trafficking

  • Alcoholism

  • Mental and psychological torture

  • Death

  • Fade to black kidnapping

  • Beheadings

  • Ratphobia

  • Claustrophobia

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